Work with us

We are seeking people that have a passion for travel and would like to work with us at Evoke World Travel. If you love to talk travel, then maybe this is for you. We are not currently providing any training and people with at least a minimum of 12 months
previous experience as a travel consultant or travel agent will be preferred.

Required skills:
– Sabre/Sam
– Ticketing Experience
– Personal Travel Experience

Optional skills:
 A specialty in travel or are a destination guru. For example, we currently have an African Specialist, a cruise specialist, group specialist (for the sporting teams) and an international consultant. If Japan is your thing or maybe Europe this would be a specialty in travel.

What working with us can offer:
Home based employment, part-time employment, working from a coffee shop of your choice, a potential income supplement and an opportunity to meet some great people wanting to travel the world.
If you have worked in the travel industry previously and perhaps if you have just moved away from your other form of employment OR you want to earn some cash as a secondary employment OR you’re a parent that is attempting to return to work from maternity leave, this could be an option for you. Evoke could give you the opportunity to work from home and work your own hours.
The industry is largely commission based. We operate as a family business and offer exceptional service to our clients to ensure they get the trip they want. We don’t approve of internet scams and price fixing and we do business to ensure clients don’t get trapped into dodgy bookings. We tailor tours and make recommendations upon experience.

Your commission:
Commissions generated from your sales will be split 60% (yours) 40% (Evoke). In one given month if you exceed $5000 in sales you will be rewarded with the sales commission of 70%. There is no expectation of a minimum amount of sales per month. Evoke is not about quotas or pressured sale returns.

The cost to you:
There is a one off set up fee of $300. This package includes:
 Business cards
 10 x Document wallets
 10 x Travel Folders

Monthly cost of $100 includes:
 Sam/Sabre Licencing fees
 Indemnity insurance
 Gmail account
 Supplier contacts
 Booking Portals
 Evoke Branding
 Computer set up
 The choice to operate electronically (free) or with printed paper documents. (Stationery can be purchased via Head office).
 Expert advice from our Direct, who is available anytime to answer questions.
 If you have a specialty we will develop a page on our website that showcases your skills.