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When you think of a family holiday normally you think of Hawaii, Fiji, Disneyland, Club Med within the Pacific.  When you travel with ‘little people’ you want to make sure they are safe, have fun but MOST of all you (parents) have time to simply relax and not have to worry!!  PLUS the little people have a chance to meet other little people and make friends and go to their own club and do the things they would like to do.  


So this is the experience for your family – BUT – there is more… Now travellers realise that they want their little people to experience and discover different cultures, see the world and have an amazing experience that is totally different to their everyday living…. So now you can experience a ‘Family Tour’ through Vietnam tasting great food, engaging with local people and learning about their culture and diverse history.  Maybe the little people have watched ‘National Geographic’ then you must experience an African Family Adventure, Egyptian Family Discovery or even a Costa Rica Explorer tour.   


Let us Evoke your Senses and inspire the little people of the world to explore, discover and appreciate the differences between cultures and develop long lasting memories and friendships.


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