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If you’ve ever been on a cruise you’ll know just how fantastic they can be.


On the big ships you have everything: Pools, Shops, Restaurants, Cinemas, Bars, Kids entertainment, stage shows, and more! All the while you are on the move to somewhere new – or you’re off the boat and exploring that new somewhere while your belongings are securely locked in your room on-board.  No checking into hotels – even better: no getting on airplanes!


And a great advantage is meals are generally included from a broad range of cultures. Cruises offer some of the best value holidays around – just compare the daily cost of a cruise to just about any other holiday when you factor in accommodation, meals and entertainment costs.



Or perhaps you like the smaller, more intimate sailing adventure. On smaller sailing vessels you can get closer to the action. Stop by small islands for some snorkelling or diving, head into ports of small towns to sample to local seafood flavours with some local beer and wine.



Cruising really is the ultimate holiday style, so what are you waiting for?




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