The PACKING bit of the trip does my head in every time! And it’s not actually the packing! I’m the thinker out of Gerry and I. I work out what I actually NEED to wear each day. I count my undies and socks etc. Plus, I don’t mind using the app “PackPoint”, it doesn’t make some crazy suggestions but you can just cancel them out.

Gerry on the other hand usually pulls everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, out of her cupboard, piles it all up on the bed and then makes smaller piles of ‘maybes’, and a pile of ‘If I can fit it’ and a small discarded pile. Continue reading “PACKING…”

Camper Van Plans

The other night we had to discuss some prep for “Camper Vanning”. We’ve used #Driveaway for this trip and they have hooked us up with #mightycampers. (Cause they were the only option down in Tassie).

And because it’s too hard to get us all in the one place, we smashed messenger again.

This was Scary typing via Gerry talking the other night – travel agent says, “Departing Brissy 0640hrs 11/04/19, you are all allowed 1x 20kg checked bag… we are all in row 9, flying Jetstar…. At the moment, Sporty is on the window, Posh is in the middle seat and Scary is on the isle and Gerry is across the isle…. if you wanna keep those spots Evoke can check us in… however if you wanna change to row 78 with the crying babies, that can be arranged”.

Posh, “Haha! I’m good with that. Book it in Eddie!!” Continue reading “Camper Van Plans”

Intro to Tassie 2019

Gerry, Posh, Sporty and me (Scary) have all been to Tassie before but individually.  Never quite in a campervan, however.  Collectively we all know a bit about Tassie and know that its gorgeous!  What I know of Tassie in a nutshell is like this: –

  1. It’s cold! No matter what time of year.
  2. Everything shuts at 5.00pm.
  3. The roads are windy.
  4. A convertible is not a recommended car to hire for transport Tassie!
  5. They have some GREAT Wines!
  6. There’s plenty of history.
  7. The forests are amazing.
  8. There is a random bakery that has award winning pies, but the place looks like an old servo, and I can’t remember where it is in Tassie.

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Introducing the Travelling Chicks

Ok in a couple of day we have a ‘Domestic Travel challenge’ that hopefully creates some stories worthy of a bit of a yarn.  I’ll introduce the characters in tick BUT, let me explain how this all started. 

Firstly, we forgot how much fun we have travelling and how many stories/memories we seem to create out of it AND more importantly every other travel blog I’ve read is pretty mmmm BORING!  They never seem to capture the language barriers and the problems that seem to occur with simple cultural differences.   Like stabbing your sushi with chop sticks… until recently I had no clue that it was considered rude.  Sorry Japan, I’ve been insulting you for years!

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