Intro to Tassie 2019

Gerry, Posh, Sporty and me (Scary) have all been to Tassie before but individually.  Never quite in a campervan, however.  Collectively we all know a bit about Tassie and know that its gorgeous!  What I know of Tassie in a nutshell is like this: –

  1. It’s cold! No matter what time of year.
  2. Everything shuts at 5.00pm.
  3. The roads are windy.
  4. A convertible is not a recommended car to hire for transport Tassie!
  5. They have some GREAT Wines!
  6. There’s plenty of history.
  7. The forests are amazing.
  8. There is a random bakery that has award winning pies, but the place looks like an old servo, and I can’t remember where it is in Tassie.

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Introducing the Travelling Chicks

Ok in a couple of day we have a ‘Domestic Travel challenge’ that hopefully creates some stories worthy of a bit of a yarn.  I’ll introduce the characters in tick BUT, let me explain how this all started. 

Firstly, we forgot how much fun we have travelling and how many stories/memories we seem to create out of it AND more importantly every other travel blog I’ve read is pretty mmmm BORING!  They never seem to capture the language barriers and the problems that seem to occur with simple cultural differences.   Like stabbing your sushi with chop sticks… until recently I had no clue that it was considered rude.  Sorry Japan, I’ve been insulting you for years!

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Travel Tip #1 – Travel Insurance

Travel tip #1  (and quote from Clarkey) –

Get travel insurance, you need travel insurance!

Quote – “If you die overseas, it costs a bomb to get your body back home. You’re better off getting cremated and flown home FedEx or by post. SO you’ll be dead and your family will be broke, so yes you need it”!

And after THAT scooter ride in Bali… (the one where Steph miraculously kept all of her skin) … YES you need it!

JUST for the occasions when things happen like Clarkey nearly ploughing through a chain link fence.

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