Why we travel…

SEEK, TRAVEL and FIND new experiences, explore different cultures, move out of our comfort zones and test our boundaries.  Indulge ourselves with experiences that are unique to specific destinations and observe natural wonders around the world.

“You read about Tuscany in books but wonder what it’s really like.  When you feel the summer sun on your shoulders walking through a field full of sunflowers whilst tasting local wine from the area that you can really capture what it is like in Tuscany.  It’s the food, the wine, the culture, the air…”

“You don’t need a mid-life crisis to go to Ubud in Bail!  ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ might have encouraged you to go there but monkey forests, motorbikes, massages, yoga retreats, marigolds, the deep gorges and rice fields help you slow down, relax and appreciate what’s around you…”

“Throwing yourself down Death Road on a mountain bike in Bolivia is NOTHING like watching mountain bike videos.   Being in the moment when your heart beats hard in your chest on the edge of a 550m cliff drop, contending with a waterfall spilling onto the already slippery dirt road under you, is what makes you FEEL alive”.