Intro to Tassie 2019

Gerry, Posh, Sporty and me (Scary) have all been to Tassie before but individually.  Never quite in a campervan, however.  Collectively we all know a bit about Tassie and know that its gorgeous!  What I know of Tassie in a nutshell is like this: –

  1. It’s cold! No matter what time of year.
  2. Everything shuts at 5.00pm.
  3. The roads are windy.
  4. A convertible is not a recommended car to hire for transport Tassie!
  5. They have some GREAT Wines!
  6. There’s plenty of history.
  7. The forests are amazing.
  8. There is a random bakery that has award winning pies, but the place looks like an old servo, and I can’t remember where it is in Tassie.

As for point 2. There is a Scary and Gerry story on that one.  Last time we were in Tassie we went down to Southport to a cottage for a few days.  For the first couple of nights we got enough groceries to stay in for a few days.  By the time we’d run out of food it was a Friday.  So we both put on our ‘nice jeans’ and headed to the Southport pub to get some dinner.  The pub was a bit empty, but we ordered a beer and thought we’d look at a menu.  Gerry asked to have a look at a menu, but she was promptly confronted with a frown and a look of disdain and she was told that the kitchen had just closed…. It was 6.50pm!

So, we smashed the beer and thought we’d better head back into Dover to try and get a feed.  We’d remembered the “Post Office” when we’d driven through a few days before and thought we’d try our luck there and grab a pizza…  NO GO!  We wandered in, only to be met with a similar dismay as the pub and with a bit of huffing and puffing they told us they had run out of dough.  However, we were most welcome to what deserts were left and a coffee.   After a few laps around Dover, someone felt sorry for us and pointed us to the Dover RSL up on the hill.   This was about 8.00pm by this stage and NOPE kitchen closed at 7.30pm.  The barmaids laughed at us… and eluded that we clearly ‘should have known’ that Tassie locked itself up tighter than a dingo trap and it is just expected that everyone eats at Nanna time. 

There were 4 of us in the bar, us 2 and a couple from NSW who were on for a yarn about their caravanning travels.  We did manage to get a couple of chicken and cheese toasted sangas (Sandwich) out of them and a few well-paced beers… so we could still drive home to the cottage in Southport.   It made me wonder if Tassie has some sort of after dark loitering laws because seriously that place is DEAD after the sun goes down. You hardly see a soul about!

Hobart was a bit livelier and awake a lot longer than 6.00pm. The last time Gerry and I were there we ended up at the Henry Jones Hotel and had dinner at the Drunken Admiral on Valentines Day a few years back.   This trip in the camper van will take us largely away from Hobart… I think.  We still haven’t really decided on an itinerary BUT so far, we are all keen to get a photo next to the sign for “Mole Creek”; climb “The Nut” and Cradle Mountain.  

Overall, we’ll be travelling part of the East Coast and up the guts of Tassie to the top.  The only fixed plan is for a ‘champagne breakfast’ upon arrival at the Brisbane Airport.  The chooks are planning to hit it early.

Planning for this trip has been, well… minimal.  We have however discussed a lot of toilet humour; the weather in Tassie; and Sporty’s disdain for ‘communicating’ on messenger instead of in person. 

The most recent weather conversation went like this: –

Sporty – “Just read a post from [FB Friend] who is down in Tassie, 1-4 degrees WOOHOO”

Scary – “OMG, just looked at BOM for Tassie! Whose idea was this!!! My kidneys already feel cold”!

Sporty – “I can’t wait to get rugged up instead of sweating like a pommie… fire places, red wine & cheese! What more could you ask for?”

Scary – “Aaahh where do we have a fireplace in a camper van… might have to go to the pub”.

Sporty – “Or you could whip one up seeing as you are at one with the bush (LOL) take that comment however you like”.

Scary – “hehehe, ‘at one with the bush’”.

Hobart Weather

Scary – “WTF! I might die”

Sporty – “Can’t wait”!

Posh – “Freeze the balls off a brass money”!

Cradle Mountain Weather

Scary – “MINUS FUCKING 9 feel! Now I’m praying for the early onset of menopause!”

Sporty – “We will be warm whilst walking up cradle mountain”. (True “Sporty” comment).

Posh – “OMG, I’m going to have to go shopping”!