Camper Van Plans

The other night we had to discuss some prep for “Camper Vanning”. We’ve used #Driveaway for this trip and they have hooked us up with #mightycampers. (Cause they were the only option down in Tassie).

And because it’s too hard to get us all in the one place, we smashed messenger again.

This was Scary typing via Gerry talking the other night – travel agent says, “Departing Brissy 0640hrs 11/04/19, you are all allowed 1x 20kg checked bag… we are all in row 9, flying Jetstar…. At the moment, Sporty is on the window, Posh is in the middle seat and Scary is on the isle and Gerry is across the isle…. if you wanna keep those spots Evoke can check us in… however if you wanna change to row 78 with the crying babies, that can be arranged”.

Posh, “Haha! I’m good with that. Book it in Eddie!!”

Scary, “Also if you want to order an on-flight meal (9 bucks) Evoke can give you the booking reference”

Posh, “Is alcohol a meal?”

Gerry, “Champagne breakfast! Love your thinking Posh”!

Scary, “It’ll be 5 o’clock somewhere.  Ok ok back to important stuff…. the equipment supplied in the camper –

  • Tablet with GPS and Wi-Fi data pack 1G for emergencies like when we’re freezing to death at Cradle Mountain
  • Kitchen Gear
  • Camping table and chairs
  • Booster seat for Sporty
  • A child seat for Gerry
  • And a heater…. AND a … HEATER!”

Scary, “Hey Gerry, Are there snow chains? I heard the other day it was snowing down there”

Sporty – “You know what, there are shops there too if we end up not having something”

Posh – “What like snow chains? 😂”

Once again we can’t really decide on a specific itinerary, but Sporty is the Tassie expert (she got engaged down there so that’s how she’s ended up with expert status).   SO, she’s got a good idea of where she’s going to drag us around.

Sporty did say that she was going to study the Map of Tassie before the trip and Posh did ask if someone was lookin at it, but I could help but be a tiny bit facetious and I told her that it had been a bit dark and I thought I’d discovered the Huon River…. 😉.

Sporty, “Apparently that part of Tassie is renowned for its high moisture levels & dense vegetation”

Scary, “hehehe, mmm, the council must have whipper snipped recently”

Then Posh caught up….

Posh, “You filthy bitches!”

Sporty, “I know you’re laughing though at the same time 😉 .  I’m all over the map of Tassie, I have been there a number of times”!

And so the Map of Tassie jokes started!

And NO we still don’t have a real itinerary for this trip and we fly out in 2 nights.

What I can tell you about the camper van is that, its a beast!  You only need a normal car licence to drive it an Gerry has got dibs on being the driver.  If you want to check out our ‘beast’ that we will make home for 5 days – click here

To book the van successfully one must watch a intro video on “Driving in Australia”.  Which is narrated by a Kiwi accented bloke.  The Kiwi informed us which side of the road to drive on (check, we got this) and where the driver’s seat would be (check check, got that one too). We are not to drive after dark because of all the wildlife comes to life after dark.  Like Quolls…. the nasty vampire marsupial…. they’ll bite your head off and suck all the blood out of your body.  Or so they say out Stanthorpe way, in Southern Queensland.

Random Tassie Facts:

Tasmania has the world’s cleanest air…. until Gerry gets down there and let’s her bum rip.

Tasmania has the oldest trees in the world… because every poor bastard froze to death trying to chop one down.

Tasmania has a lot of thick vegetation. Some of the species found in the rainforest include eucalypts which are the tallest trees in the Southern Hemisphere and the biggest in their world. They are 89 meters tall and 10 meters wide. Other unique species include the myrtle, blackwood, sassafras, leatherwood, celery top pine, Huon pine and King Billy pine. …. Mmm ‘King Billy as in King Billy coke bottle?? Or Billy Slater?

For the Sporties out there – Tasmania has over 2000km of walking tracks and 18 national parks.

The Tasmanian devil is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world… so if a vampire BLOOD SUCKING quoll picked a fight with a Tassie Devil, who’d win?

There is a place called “Mole Creek” in Tassie… and we have every intention of getting a photo in front of the sign!

There are plants on top of Mt. Wellington in Hobart that only grow in the arctic…. I didn’t think anything grew in the arctic!

If you’re a keen golfer, Tassie is the place to go. They have more golf courses per capita than any other state (69 apparently, I wonder why they didn’t make it a round number) and they brag about having the oldest course in the southern hemisphere.

It has the “Mona” – Museum of Old and New Art.  Which I’ve heard is quite a spectacle. It houses a wall full of mounted plaster cast vaginas…. but what actually struck me as odd was that Google said that the Amenities are ‘good for kids’.   What exactly does that mean?  Do they have a family room?  The Loos are rated PG and your kids won’t ask questions…. unlike the wall full of plastered hairy bushed va-jayjays?

Anyway, I’m fascinated all the same and really hope we get there for a squiz.