Introducing the Travelling Chicks

Ok in a couple of day we have a ‘Domestic Travel challenge’ that hopefully creates some stories worthy of a bit of a yarn.  I’ll introduce the characters in tick BUT, let me explain how this all started. 

Firstly, we forgot how much fun we have travelling and how many stories/memories we seem to create out of it AND more importantly every other travel blog I’ve read is pretty mmmm BORING!  They never seem to capture the language barriers and the problems that seem to occur with simple cultural differences.   Like stabbing your sushi with chop sticks… until recently I had no clue that it was considered rude.  Sorry Japan, I’ve been insulting you for years!

The #Travellingchicks are an affiliate of Evoke World Travel but this is the FUN side of the business.  So “Scary” has been given somewhat of a creative licence to talk shit!  There’s a good chance there maybe a few travel tips along the way… or maybe advice.

So yes yes, Evoke WT is our parent company and the professional front and international travel agency that will be able to sort out the travel needs etc , but the newly created “Travelling Chicks” is the fun side of the show and you are all most welcome to pinch our ideas/itinerary’s and travel in our foot steps.  Evokes tag line is “Seek. Travel. Find.” – so we thought we’d put that into practice and actually do that.

Let me explain the rules of engagement for the Travelling Chicks.  We have to do at least two ‘travel challenges’ per year, one domestic and one international.  This week we have a domestic trip planned for Tasmania, which will effectively launch the Travelling Chicks and in July we are going to China where we have set some SERIOUS travel challenges.  

Let me introduce myself… I’m “Scary” (on the left), blogger, bullshitter, exaggerator and the dude who has to make Clarkey’s (Evoke Director and CEO) crazy ideas a reality.    My partner in crime (Travel) is “Gerry” and we’re the travelling chicks!

For the Tassy trip this week, we have another two chooks, (great mates) that are coming along with us.  They are ‘Sporty’ and ‘Posh’… Sporty gets the name sake for obvious reasons – she’s overly interested in hikes and biking her way around Tassy.  Meanwhile the rest of us are more inclined to find a pub with cheese and a good red wine.  ‘Posh’ on the other hand is our “Mummsy”, she’s the one who will rouse on us when things get a little too out of hand or we get a little bit silly or too pissed!   

SO Sporty, Posh, Gerry and I (Scary) are going to cram ourselves into a Winnebago and drive around Tassy for 5 days.  It’s a minibreak from the families/kids at home in Brissy (Brisbane).

China is a bit more of a challenge.  That will just be us, Gerry and Scary, for that trip and we have ‘rules of engagement’.  We are going for 9 days, we are budgeted on $90 bucks per nights accommodation, there will be one night’s accommodation on a bullet train.  We are doing two hikes, one in the floating mountains and another on the great wall outside of Beijing.  We must find our way to the Terracotta Warriors without a guide and attempt to navigate the public transport system.

The REAL challenge part, (that Gerry is reneging already) is this – we are only allowed to take carry on luggage, affectively 7kgs for 9 days.  This was initially Gerry’s idea and ever since she’s been coming up will all manner of excuses. For example –

“Your camera gear will be 7kg alone, so we can’t, maybe one checked in bag between two of us”

“But we have luggage included in our flights, so we should get our monies worth and use it”.

“I don’t wanna have to rinse out undies like an old woman each night”.

“What if we want to go out somewhere nice, how do we fit that in”.

“How do we even do that, it’s impossible”.

“It’s stupid, who’s idea was this anyway”.

And just to be a complete shit, I’ve held her to the declaration!  Mainly because I’m saving my back from having to carry 2 x 20kg packs, which has happened on every trip we’ve been on.  Not to mention when she runs out of room in her pack…. things always seem to start appearing in my pack.   

This will be the ultimate challenge for the over packer!  I love it, but it might be hard first time around.

For 2020 we have another tour to Africa planned with a group and we haven’t decided on the domestic trip yet.  We are certainly up for ideas if you want to throw them our way.

SO this is how the “Travelling Chicks” started.  And by the way token ‘roosters’ are welcome to apply and travel with the hen house…