Travel Tip #1 – Travel Insurance

Travel tip #1  (and quote from Clarkey) –

Get travel insurance, you need travel insurance!

Quote – “If you die overseas, it costs a bomb to get your body back home. You’re better off getting cremated and flown home FedEx or by post. SO you’ll be dead and your family will be broke, so yes you need it”!

And after THAT scooter ride in Bali… (the one where Steph miraculously kept all of her skin) … YES you need it!

JUST for the occasions when things happen like Clarkey nearly ploughing through a chain link fence.

Also keep in mind, if the price is quite cheap they may not cover things like natural disasters such as tsunamis or god forbid the volcanic ash cloud debacle.   There are also some that don’t cover acts of terrorism.   It’s just like the age old saying…. “You get what you pay for”!    So just be aware of the ‘special conditions’ on the policy you purchase.   It’s worth your while knowing the ins and out to make an informed decision.